Diagnose high-level strategic issues Prioritize changes that will improve your results Perfect your site with specific lists of recommendations and target pages

Diagnose. Prioritize. Perfect.

RainGage gives you specific recommendations to improve your digital marketing, from page performance to reading grade level.

Perfect your digital marketing

Achieve better results through clear, complete diagnostics.

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We Diagnose

We Diagnose.

RainGage is a digital marketing analysis platform that collects dozens of digital "health" indicators, from page performance to code quality to reading grade level. First, it uses these indicators to provide a high-level assessment of your digital presence on the 'marketing stack.'

We Prioritize

Next, RainGage prioritizes specific areas where you need to make changes. It balances resource requirements with the overall impact on digital strategy. Then RainGage tells you which items are the most critical to address.

We Prioritize
You Perfect

You Perfect.

Finally, RainGage provides specific, downloadable lists of pages and other items that need changes. Make those changes, and you'll see your results improve. Then, run another report, get your new priorities, and make more changes. This cycle means continuous digital campaign improvement.

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